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Let's Talk about Vaping: A Guide for Teens on the Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vape Devices

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Health World is excited to announce the release of our first e-book, Let’s Talk About Vaping: A Guide for Teens on the Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vape Devices.

Designed to empower young teens with the information they need to make a proactive choice against vaping, the book is filled with engaging content and interactive worksheets covering the most important topics on e-cigarettes and vaping, including:

• How e-cigarettes work

• Other names for e-cigarettes

• Contents of e-cigarettes including nicotine, flavoring, and other poisonous chemicals

• Nicotine’s role in addiction

• Vaporized marijuana and increased THC content

• The impact of marketing strategies on adolescent e-cigarette use

• Short-term and long-term health effects of using e-cigarettes

• Current news on the prevalence and consequences of e-cigarette use

• Refusal skills including why and how to say “no”

The most effective prevention education is ongoing and delivered through multiple channels. This book can be used in a variety of ways--as a supplemental study or as a primary source; independently or collaboratively; in the classroom or at home; from cover-to-cover or by chapter.

We hope you will use the book in one of the ways below and share with others to do the same!

5 ways to use Let’s Talk About Vaping: A Guide for Teens on the Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vape Devices:


1. Have your young teen read the book on your next road trip or prior to starting middle school. You can hand it off and be confident that the information they are getting is accurate, up-to-date, interactive and age-appropriate. Worksheets allow you to check for comprehension and engage in follow-up conversation if you’d like.

2. Sit down with your teen and read the book together over the course of a week. Use the Parent/Facilitator guide in the back for guidance. The content may spark candid conversation with your child; if tough questions arise, most experts agree that honesty is important even if it means admitting to past drug use of your own. Focusing on the risks and any regrets, in addition to noting any family addiction predispositions can be helpful in empowering your child to make a different choice.

SAMSHA has tips for how to answer tough questions here and also provides tips about engaging in health-related conversation with your kids.


3. Use the book as a primary resource for a student’s health advocacy report or presentation.

4. As part of a health lesson, divide students into 4 groups and have each group in charge of reading, completing relevant worksheets for, and presenting one chapter.

Librarians/PTAs/Health Resource Centers:

5. Purchase a copy for your library and offer the book to parents or teens who are looking for information on the dangers of e-cigarettes but may not have the time to look for reliable and age-appropriate information themselves. Some parents may not be aware of the rise in vaping among youth– offering this teaching tool can take some of the stress once they are made aware of the epidemic.

Let’s Talk About Vaping: A Guide for Teens on the Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vape Devices can be purchased via Amazon or Apple for $9.99.


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