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Check back here for news on future webinars.

Our previous webinars are archived below.

This webinar covers Health World's digital resources. It also briefly covers our new online education platform.

Join us in learning about Health World’s 5 human growth & development eLearning programs and the topics they cover. From puberty, body image and good hygiene habits to the male and female reproductive systems, fertilization and human development from conception to birth. All topics are taught in a sensitive manner and are age-appropriate. This webinar will cover the differences between the programs offered as well as the materials utilized for teaching adolescents about going through puberty.

This webinar covers information about our free Safety Smart programs and our partnership with Underwriters Laboratories. This covers Health World’s 12 safety eLearning programs, the topics they cover, and the availablity of select programs in Español. Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they learn about home safety, fire safety, water safety, enviornmental safety, and more! 

Join us in learning about Health World’s 3 nutrition eLearning programs and the topics they cover. Our nutrition programs are designed to teach students about nutrition, food groups, calories, and healthy eating. Students will also learn how to read Nutrition Facts labels, the difference between portion size and serving size, and other knowledge that will help them maintain a healthy diet. 

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