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grades 4-8

Go on location with Bill Nye at Underwriters Laboratories as he explains the power—and danger—of electricity in a very entertaining way.

Available en Español

AS a UL Safety ambassador, health world CAN provide THIS program free of charge thanks to the generous support of underwriters laboratories (UL).


  • Students will be able to understand what materials insulate and conduct electricity.

  • Students will be able to understand how an electrical circuit works.

  • Students will be able to identify what safety hazards accompany electricity.



National Health Standards Met

  • 1.5.1: Describe the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health

  • 1.5.3: Describe ways in which a safe and healthy school and community environment can promote personal health problems

  • 1.5.4: Describe ways to prevent common childhood injuries and health problems

  • 1.8.1: Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health

  • 1.8.3: Analyze how the environment affects personal health

  • 1.8.5: Describe ways to reduce or prevent injuries and other adolescent problems

  • 7.5.1: Identify responsible health behaviors

  • 7.5.3: Demonstrate a variety of behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks

  • 7.8.1: Explain the importance of assuming responsibility for personal health behaviors

  • 7.8.3: Demonstrate behaviors that would avoid or reduce health risk to self and others

National Science Standards Met

  • Content Standard A: Science as Inquiry

  • Content Standard B: Physical Science

  • Content Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

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