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Inside Health World: The History and Evolution of Health World Education

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This article, published in 1996 in the Journal of American Medical Association, provides a brief description of our roots, when Heath World programs took the shape of interactive exhibits at our original venue—a museum dedicated to children’s health and safety. In its 10+ years of operating, Health World educated close to 3.5-million Chicago-area students during field trips and summer camps.

Looking ahead to new education channels, Health World began bringing the lessons of the museum into classrooms in 2002, when the museum exhibits were converted into outreach lessons delivered by Health World educators in local schools.

In 2013, we converted all of Health World’s classroom programs into digital lessons accessed through the internet, enabling us to expand the reach of our health and safety material and utilize the growing influence of technology in the classroom. Now, teachers across the country can login to Health World programs and give their students a standard-driven health and safety “field trip” without leaving the classroom!

See our current catalogue of programs, inspired by characters and exibits of the past, here, and read more about the museum, including our 85-foot Annie and more, in the article below!

Jama Article 1996
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