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Decisions About Sexual Health

Sexual health

grades 6-8

This course provides participants with information about a variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), how they are acquired, treated, and prevented.

*A product license is for 1 Year Per School



  • Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, & Syphilis (Bacterial STIs)

  • Genital Herpes, HPV/Genital Warts, & HIV (Viral STIs)

  • STI Statistics, Symptoms, Avoidance and Treatment

  • STI Transmission

  • STI Risk factors

  • STI Protective factors

  • Behaviors that lower risk for STIs

  • Healthy relationships

  • Open communication

  • Setting limits/boundaries


  • Students will be able to explain common ways for STIs to be spread

  • Students will identify common symptoms of STIs and explain that some STIs may be asymptomatic

  • Students will identify which STIs are curable and which can only be treated

  • Students will list effective ways to reduce their STI risk

  • Students will list and explain effective STI prevention methods

  • Students will identify common myths and misconceptions about STIs

  • Students will describe the relationship between using alcohol and other drugs and sexual risk behavior

  • Students will demonstrate refusal skills

  • Students will demonstrate decision-making steps

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid and reliable health information


Please view Program Fact Sheet by clicking the button below for information on Standards.

Program Materials

Estimated Teachable Minutes


Accessing Information -  30m

Active & Passive Decision Making - 50m


Courageous Bystander - 45m


Goal Setting - 60m


HIV Myth or Fact Game - 40m


Interpersonal Communication to Reduce Sexual Risk - 60m


Interviews about Dating - 15m


Preventing STIs Poster Project - 60m


Role-Playing about STIs - 60m


Setting Boundaries - 45m


Sexually Transmitted Infections - 100m


STI Transmission Activity - Glitter Galore - 15m


STI Transmission Activity - with Hershey’s Kisses - 30m


STI Transmission Activity - STI Dice Game - 30m


Talking Back to Pressure - 60m


What’s Most Important? - 45m


Video Assessment Worksheet - 15m

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