Safety Smart ® On the Go Recommended for grades K,1,2,3

Join Timon & Pumbaa as they travel the globe in style - and safety! This hilarious and helpful adventure explores safe practices in travel, whether by bus, car, motor scooter, plane, train, boat or ostrich! Students will learn about the four Safety Smart® points of safe travel: Slow Down, Pay Attention, Use Proper Equipment, and Don't Distract. 

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  • The 4 Safety Smart points of safe travel: Slow Down, Pay Attention, Use Proper Equipment, and Don’t Distract


  • Students will identify the four Safety Smart points: slow down, pay attention, use proper equipment, and don’t distract
  • Students will understand the danger of texting while walking, talking on phone while riding a bike, etc.
  • Students will identify safe behaviors when traveling by foot or vehicle

Health Standards (McREL) Met

Standard 5: Knows essential concepts and practices concerning injury prevention and safety


Safety Smart: On the Go digital instruction30m
Timon and Pumbaa’s Transportation Tips 15m
Is it Safety Smart®? 15m
Safety Equipment Check 15m
On a Motorcycle 15m
Safety Match 15m
Safety Compass 30m
Safety Around the World 30m
Which Way Will They Go? 30m
Puppet Safety Theater 30m
Sing Along with Timon and Pumbaa 15m
Coloring Page 15m
Timon and Pumbaa’s Safety Smart® Checklist 15m
Transportation Safety Poll 30m

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