Safety Smart ® Goes Green Recommended for grades K,1,2,3

Students will join Timon and Pumbaa as they make sure the land, water, and air around them are clean and safe. Students will explore recycling and ways to conserve water and energy.

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  • Effects of pollution on natural resources
  • The 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Donating and composting items


  • Students will be able to describe what pollution is and one way it affects the environment
  • Students will be able to name the 3 R’s
  • Students will be able to decide whether an item should be donated, recycled, or composted
  • Students will be able to identify at least one way to preserve water


National Science Education Standards:

  • Content Standard C: Life Science
  • Content Standard D: Earth and Space Science
  • Content Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives


National Social Studies Education Standards:


  • III: People, Places, & Environments
  • IX: Global Connections
  • X: Civic Ideals & Practices



Safety Smart ®: Goes Green digital instruction course35m
Timon and Pumbaa’s R Words 15m
Storm Drain Pollution 30m
Safety Smart® Checklist 15m
Starts with RE 15m
Is it Safety Smart®? 15m
Reuse It! 15m
Sort It! 30m

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